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The Australian Health Promotion Association seeks to influence a broad range of public policies as they impact on population health.

On behalf of members, the AHPA Board and Branch Committees regularly provide formal and informal submissions, letters and statements on a variety of national and state/territory issues of relevance to our role in promoting good health, preventing illness and redressing inequities.

Our advice is underpinned by the evidence for effective health promotion policies and strategies and the needs of our members and all those working in the field of health promotion.

Often, AHPA collaborates with our partners on joint submissions.

Archived submissions are available on request.


Investing in health promotion is a smart strategy. It keeps people out of hospital, reduces the burden on overstretched health services and allows people to live healthier, more productive lives. Health promotion and illness prevention saves lives, money and deliver the best public return on investment in health. Every dollar invested in health promotion and prevention goes on to save $14.

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In April 2023, AHPA provided a written response to the Inquiry into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum. AHPA supports the proposed wording of the question which will be asked of Australians at the referendum as well as the proposed words which will be included in the Constitution if the referendum is successful. Submissions closed 21 April 2023. Our response is provided in full below.

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Victorian Government Announces Cuts to Community Health Promotion Funding

On Friday 14th April, Community Health Services in Victoria received calls from the Department of Health to advise of a ten per cent cut to Community Health Health Promotion funding. This cut was not foreshadowed by the department or government and will take effect from the next financial year.

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In December 2022, the Australian Government released a Digital Platforms: Government consultation on ACCC's regulatory reform recommendations Consultation Paper and invited stakeholder views to inform Government on its response to the ACCC's fifth interim report for the Digital Platform Services inquiry. This report found the current regulatory settings in Australia inadequate at addressing specific competition and consumer issues and recommended a new regulatory framework.

The consultation process closed on 15 February 2023.

Read AHPA's submission here.

The submission was prepared by Rebecca Zosel, AHPA Executive Officer.

AHPA's submission focuses on the consumer protections required of digital platforms to prevent and reduce harms to health and wellbeing. AHPA strongly supports the recommendations from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE). We also note the Australian Health Promotion Association’s recent submission to the Inquiry into Online Gambling and its impacts on problem gamblers, and reiterate AHPA’s recommendations as provided to this Inquiry (see here).

In 2023, the Australian Government will release a new stand alone Measuring What Matters Statement. The statement will draw on the OECD Framework for Measuring Well-being and Progress, but will be unique to the Australian context.

The Australian Government recently invited views on how we can better measure what matters to improve the lives of all Australians, and the application of the OECD framework to Australia.

The Measuring What Matters consultation process closed on 31 January 2023.

Read AHPA's submission here.

AHPA is involved in the Wellbeing and Prevention Coalition in Mental Health. Read the Wellbeing and Prevention Coalition in Mental Health submission here.

AHPA has signed a Joint Statement to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) with 26 of Australia and New Zealand’s leading public health and consumer organisations to express strong support for the introduction of mandatory added sugar labelling.

On 5 December 2022 the Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services called for submissions from individuals, businesses and community groups on their views regarding priorities for the 2023‑24 Budget. The Pre-Budget Submission process for the 2023-24 Budget closed on 27 January 2023.

Read AHPA's submission here.

AHPA is involved in the Wellbeing and Prevention Coalition in Mental Health. Read the Wellbeing and Prevention Coalition in Mental Health submission here.

AHPA recently made an online submission to the Senate Inquiry into universal access to reproductive healthcare and endorsed the report Achieving equal access: abortion care in Australia.

Action to increase equitable access to information, diagnosis, treatment and services for sexual and reproductive health is critical and consistent with the National Women’s Health Strategy

Signed on to two joint letters led by ACOSS from the community sector to Federal Election candidates calling on them to commit to two game-changer policies to reduce poverty and inequality. These policies are: lift income support payments to above the poverty line so everyone can cover the basic and invest in 25,000 social housing units each year as part of a National Housing Plan.

AHPA joined Obesity Policy Coalition and 20+ other health and consumer orgs to call for more work to be put into food regulatory reforms to put the health of Australians and New Zealanders first. Read more here.

AHPA recently supported the Australian Society for Pyhsical Activity's (ASPA) Three Transport Priorities. ASPA are calling for support from individuals and organisations. For further information click here.  

AHPA joined FARE and many other health groups in signing the Open letter: Put the health, wellbeing and safety of Australians first and abandon any plans to cut the price of alcohol. 

To view the letter of support click here

AHPA endorsed the ACOSS-led sector statement A Guarantee to the Nation: Community Sector Call to all Parties that calls for politicians to commit to affordable essential services, better income supports and social housing, and climate action now. Read the 8 December media release and download the statement here.

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