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Health Promotion Practitioner Registration

The Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA®) is the National Accreditation Organisation (NAO) for the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) in Australia.

Health Promotion professionals across Australia now have the opportunity to apply to earn the title of IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner.

By becoming registered and encouraging your colleagues to do so, you will be ensuring the quality and credibility of the Australian Health Promotion workforce. Registration is not mandatory for employment.

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What are the pathways to registration?

Option one
Be a graduate of an IUHPE accredited course.

Option two
Be a graduate of other courses related to Health Promotion with evidence/information of 2 years of relevant work experience (within past 6 years)

Option three
Applicants with experience only.
Evidence/information of 3 years of relevant work experience (within past 5 years)
Please note that IUHPE has advised that this option is currently only available until September 2026.

Benefits of becoming a Registered Health Promotion Practitioner

  1. Increased employability: Registration assures you have relevant skills, knowledge, and a commitment to high standards, thereby improving the chances of being hired or retained in the job market.

  2. Continued learning opportunities: Maintaining registered status as a health promotion practitioner requires ongoing education and professional development, demonstrating proficiency in IUHPE core competencies and ensuring contemporary practice.

For further information on the benefits of registration and course accreditation from the perspectives of organisations and universities, please visit:

How to become registered

AHPA provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply for registration, along with other resources available here.


How much will it cost to be registered?

There are two fees:

  1. An administration fee on submission of your application, which is a one-off payment of $38.50 (inc. GST); and

  2. A registration fee, which is an annual fee.

If you are an existing AHPA member, the annual fee is $44.00 (inc. GST).

If you are not an AHPA member, the annual fee is $313.50 (inc. GST). See AHPA membership fee information here.

There is a one-off administration fee of $38.50 for registration renewal in addition to the AHPA annual registration fee.

Further Information

A range of registration resources can be found here.

Information on registration renewal can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions