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Health Promotion Practitioner Registration

Health Promotion Practitioner Registration - Apply Now!

The Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA®) is the National Accreditation Organisation (NAO) for the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) in Australia.  

Health Promotion professionals across Australia now have the opportunity to apply to earn the title IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner.

Apply Now 

Before applying, check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the registration process and the role of the NAO.

By becoming registered and encouraging your colleagues to do so, you will be ensuring the quality and credibility of the Australian Health Promotion workforce. Registration is not mandatory for employment. It is designed to provide practical recruitment assistance to employers. 

Congratulations to all those who are registered! See the list here.

Here is the list of IUHPE Accredited Health Promotion Courses.

View a 10-minute video from a 2023 AHPA event where Lucy Wickham provides an overview of the Australian health promotion registration system.

Registration Renewal

Renewal of your registration is required every three years. Eligibility for renewal is based on maintaining and confirming evidence of continuing experience in Health Promotion practice and completion of a specified amount of continuing professional development (CPD) activities. Guidelines on CPD requirements are available here.

Towards the end of the three year registration period, Registered Health Promotion Practitioners will be reminded to renew their registration. They will be required to complete the Reregistration Application Form and provide evidence they have completed 75 hours of applicable CPD activities in the last three years. To access a CPD tracking template to assist in maintaining a record of CPD activities, please click here.

Health Promotion Practitioner Registration Resources

A range of Health Promotion Practitioner Registration resources are available here.

For more information, contact:

Lucy Wickham, Chair, AHPA NAO Management Committee
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also find the May 2020 webinar video useful as you prepare your application. Click image below to watch the video on YouTube.

HP Practitioner Registration Webinar Slide

HPJA Virtual Issue on HP Workforce 

Listen to AHPA Life Member Trevor Shilton introduce the latest HPJA Virtual Issue on Health Promotion Workforce.

View the HPJA Virtual Issue on Health Promotion Workforce

This virtual issue of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia addresses the vital matter of the health promotion workforce. Eleven papers highlight the importance of workforce capacity in the effective delivery of health promotion. As we move towards accreditation of the workforce it is interesting to examine, through the HPJA, issues related to developing and supporting skilled and agile health promotion workforce.

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