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AHPA and PHAA Health Promotion and Illness Prevention Policy Position Statement (updated)

AHPA and PHAA are pleased to release their joint updated position statement. Useful for upcoming advocacy for health promotion!


The Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA)and the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) have jointly updated their  national policy statement on Promoting Health and Preventing Illness.

The revised and endorse AHPA and PHAA Health Promotion and Illness Prevention Policy Statement 2021 is available here.

The Policy clearly positions health promotion and illness prevention as key contributors to population health and wellbeing and it forms the foundation of our advocacy for greater investment in Health Promotion and Illness Prevention now and in the lead up to upcoming state and federal elections.

We hope that you find the updated Policy a useful tool in your work.

The Position Statement was informed by a Background Paper commissioned in March 2018 by AHPA and PHAA and prepared by Dr Toni Delaney-Crowe at Flinders University South Australia. 




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