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Lorena Chapman

lorena chapmanLorena Chapman
Co-VIce President, WA Branch

Health promotion is about making the easy choice the healthy choice. My role as the Make Smoking History Project Officer at Cancer Council WA and the work of our Division (Education and Research) focuses on reducing the burden of disease by helping people before they get sick. My role and the work of my team (Make Smoking History) specifically focus on reducing the harm caused by tobacco smoking in Western Australia, through a comprehensive approach.

Knowing that the work I do every day is making a difference to someone’s life is my inspiration. We might not see the difference straight away like some professions, however we know that health promotion and prevention makes a difference and creates lasting change for individuals and also society as a whole.

Since commencing my career in health promotion I have worked predominately at Cancer Council WA, across a few different areas but mainly in tobacco control. In previous roles I developed strong professional relationships with my colleagues and senior management. I am also well-known for my hard-work and dedication to my job. This has helped me achieve the position I am in today.

If asked what skills are necessary to work in the health promotion industry I would say:

  • The ability to work with others – collaborating is a very important part of health promotion

  • Strong communication skills – being able to communicate with a variety of different target groups

  • Advocacy – even if it’s not a key element of their position it is important for all health promotion practitioners to be advocates for health promotion in their workplace and personal lives. This is essential to help raise awareness of health promotion and will also help key decision makers see health promotion as a priority.

On the 2016 AHPA (WA Branch) Committee I am Co-Vice President, I currently share this role with another committee member. Being in this position has helped me develop a variety of skills in leadership, governance, people management, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement. My involvement with the AHPA (WA Branch) has been beneficial in helping me broaden my networks outside my direct area of work and also helped me develop skills that may not have happened in my current work position. It has been and continues to be a rewarding experience.


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