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Health Promotion Workforce Registration Partnership with Wellbeing SA - 21 June 2023

The Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA®) is pleased to announce a partnership with Wellbeing SA.
The Health Promotion Workforce Registration Partnership will focus on supporting a pilot of staff from the
Health Promotion Team in Wellbeing SA to become registered under the global health promotion registration
system that AHPA administers in Australia on behalf of the International Union for Health Promotion and
Education (IUHPE).

In 2021, AHPA and Wellbeing SA worked in partnership to undertake an evidence-informed review to
understand good practice approaches being conducted across Australia, and beyond, to inform the
development of the South Australian Health Promotion Workforce Strategy. The partnership builds on this work
and a history of collaboration between the organisations.

AHPA is the National Accreditation Organisation (NAO) for IUHPE in Australia and works with practitioners,
employers and universities to increase the number of registered health promotion practitioners in
Australia. There are around 110 Registered Health Promotion Practitioners in Australia, the most of any country.
We are pleased to partner with Wellbeing SA to support registration and to document the organisation’s
journey. The partnership will enable AHPA to build insights and resources that can be used to support other
workplaces to take up registration and to embed registration in their employment, performance and work-related policies and processes.

“We commend Wellbeing SA for their efforts and leadership in strengthening the health promotion
workforce in South Australia and look forward to supporting the organisation during this initial
partnership project involving five employees.”
Dr Gemma Crawford, AHPA President

Wellbeing SA is a state government agency leading a focus and action on prevention. Key to delivery of the
Agency’s Strategic Plan, is this body of work to strengthen the health promotion workforce in South Australia.

“We are pleased to be partnering with AHPA to support the building of capacity and capability in our
own agency and more broadly across the South Australian public health workforce. Strengthening local
skills and fostering best practice in health promotion is essential to ensuring long term, evidence-based
action on prevention across the State and leading the system change required to support health and
Lyn Dean, Chief Executive Wellbeing SA

Download the full Media Statement here.

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Gemma Crawford

AHPA President


Phone: 1300 123 637

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