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Janelle Smith

General Member

After graduating from the University of South Australia's Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine degree, Janelle worked for a total of ten years at SA Pathology as a Medical Scientist. Despite a rather successful career in pathology, spending some time volunteering on both the SA/NT committees for the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists and Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists, in 2017 she decided to follow other health passions.

Whilst working in Pathology and being involved in the opening of the new biochemistry laboratory at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, she started studying both the Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion and a Master in Public Health. She has now completed the Graduate Diploma and in January 2020 she became an IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner. In March 2020, Janelle became an active member of the AHPA SA committee. She continues to work on the committee and support South Australia in the Health Promotion field. In March 2021, Janelle begun working for SA Health Communicable Disease Control Branch COVID Operations as a Public Health Officer. Her passions include child and maternal health, international health promotion initiatives, and boosting community health through club sport.​