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From Planetary to Interplanetary Health

Prof Evelyne de Leeuw from the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation explores what it may mean for civilisation and for health as space travel becomes a reality.

“There is a class of government actors and entrepreneurs that is beyond hubris. Without any hesitation or limitation, they believe that by flying to the stars we can fix our own tiny blue speck that floats in orbit in Sol’s circumstellar habitable zone. There is much to critique when we consider their space ambitions. For instance, by spending the trillions that will be launched into the vacuum of space here on Terra we could fix many if not all ails of the planet. We could give everyone, boys and girls, a quality education. We could invest in renewable energy and water systems.

These are good and hopeful arguments. However, in current deliberations around outer space three groups dominate: entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, and politicians. Like so often in discussions around well-being, communities and citizens are absent.” Read more here

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