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AHPA is pleased to have joined the Australian Gun Safety Alliance 

The Alliance has the following objectives:
• Have all jurisdictions comply with the 2017 National Firearms Agreement
• Increase public awareness of the poor compliance by all governments and hold them to account for their non-compliance
• In order to bring understanding and change, contribute to a balanced public conversation about the importance of a strong gun safety framework.

There is a lot happening in this space. Here’s a recent update:
The Tasmania House of Assembly Select Committee on Firearms Legislation and Policy has advertised for submissions. 
The advertised Terms of Reference etc can be found here.

A submission will be made confirming  concerns about the process undertaken and also encouraging the Tasmanian government to set a high standard by fully complying with the NFA rather than considering watering it down. The closing date is Friday 26 October 2018.

Follow the Alliance on Twitter @AustGunSafety and  see the Alliance website for more information.

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