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Health Promotion Journal of Australia Volume 20, Number 3, December 2009


Reducing health inequities requires a new national health research agenda
Fran Baum

Towards equity as core business for policy makers and practitioners
Marilyn Wise

Ray James Memorial Award

Developing policies that promote equity

Weighing it up: the missing social inequalities dimension in Australian obesity policy discourse
Anna Olsen, Jane Dixon, Cathy Banwell and Phillip Baker

The role of health impact assessment in promoting population health and health equity
Marilyn Wise, Patrick Harris, Ben Harris-Roxas and Elizabeth Harris

Social determinants of drug use - barriers to translating research into policy
Catherine Spooner

Improving the health of Indigenous Australians

Tobacco interventions for Indigenous Australians: a review of current evidence
Jennifer Power, Claire Grealy and Duncan Rintoul

Enhancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people's resilience to blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections: findings from a community-based participatory research project
Julie Mooney-Somers, Wani Erick, Robert Scott, Angie Akee, John Kaldor and Lisa Maher

Diet, diabetes and relatedness in a central Australian Aboriginal settlement: some qualitative recommendations to facilitate the creation of culturally sensitive health promotion initiatives
Fran├žoise Dussart

An evaluation of the Australian Football League
Central Australian Responsible Alcohol Strategy 2005-07

Ricky Mentha and John Wakerman

Settings and strategies to improve equity

Labour market initiatives: potential settings for improving the health of people who are unemployed
Elizabeth Harris, Vanessa Rose, Jan Ritchie and Neil Harris

Complexity, evaluation and the effectiveness of community-based interventions to reduce health inequalities
Anna Matheson, Kevin Dew and Jackie Cumming

Using a multifaceted community intervention to reduce stigma about mental illness in an Australian Macedonian community
Ilse Blignault, Lisa Woodland, Vince Ponzio, Dushan Ristevski and Suzanna Kirov

Promoting equitable access to hepatitis C treatment for Indo-Chinese injecting drug users
Heidi Coupland, Carolyn Day, Miriam T. Levy and Lisa Maher

Do socio-economic factors influence supermarket content and shoppers' purchases?
Natalie V.S. Vinkeles Melchers, Maria Gomez and Ruth Colagiuri


Enhancing Internet literacy as a health promotion strategy for refugees and migrants
Peter Sturgess and Christine Philips

Book reviews

Aboriginal Healthworkers; Primary health care at the margins
Reviewed by Juli Coffin

Nutrition Promotion: Theories and methods, systems and settings
Reviewed by Christina Pollard

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Eberhard Wenzel

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